Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2nd week in Umich

Time elapses. It's already 2 weeks away from home.

We have a full schedule everydady, even on the weekends.

We went to Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village. The museum is interesting for it displays not only the cool motors but also the history and living scene of Americans. You can indeed improve your understanding of United States. The Greenfield Village is very beautiful. I thought it's made up of a lot of birthplaces and workplaces of the famous, like George Washington, Thomas Edison, etc. Oh, I also tried Carousel there - it's the first time i've riden on a 'dragon', though it's fixed on the ground :(

On Sunday we all attended the BBQ organized by THU alumnis. The foods were quite delicious, especially the precious Chinese dishes. During the BBQ, we knew a lot of alumnis working or studying in a variety of fields, many of whom are very successful. Another event I have to mention is that we went boating that afternoon. It's also the 1st time I canoed myself. So beautiful is the view from the center of the river. Unfortunately, after we relaxed too much, we cannot go back because the wind is so strong-once we advanced a little, the wind blew us back. There's a time i thought we had to call 'Please save us!'. However God bless us :) We met our classmates and we arranged our boys again- it's much easier when a strong one is on board. Thank all the boys.

I like my lab. Not only because we are all Chinese :P, but also they are the sort of people I like. My project went through quite smoothly with only a little trouble which i already conquered. Hope that I can have more free time on the weekend so that the papers can be read.

LW & I also registered for the trip to Grand Haven, organized by International Center of UM. Look forward to it~

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  1. Super! It sounds like you guys had SO MUCH FUN this weekend :)

    It's wonderful that you like everyone in your lab! That's so helpful.

    Grand Haven will be great!!! I don't think I've ever been there. I can't wait to read your blog post about it to find out what you get to do!