Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Already one week in the United States. Don't know what to say, feeling like a lot of days already 'cause so many things happened.

Flight: it's really a long way. Looking at the route displayed by the screen on the airplane, i was feeling that i was far away from home step by step. We had two transitions,one in Seattle, another in Chicago.

Admitted by USA: It's quite funny when we arrived first in Seattle. It's the place where we entered America. The officers of customer's office are quite strict and not nice. Fortunately there's a nice Chinese lady letting us go through first because she knew that we have little time for transition, and she also coordinated everything and negotiated with the officers to help us. When we retrived our luggage, there's also an American gentleman helped us. Though a little tough and confused when first arrived in the dreaming America, everything went through smoothly, at least we didn't lose anyone except Yi Yu's luggage.

Oxford Housing: when we were droven from the Detroit Metropolitan Airport to Oxford Housing in UM, it's quite exciting 'cause no one of us actually had lived in a wooden-like house before. Double room with two desks, two wardrobe sets, and two beds with shared bathrooms and restrooms. Kitchen is in Arbor House, just beside our building.

Welcoming 1st week: So many events. We're welcomed by Tracy and Brittany, and also Jennifer afterwards. The teachers here are all very nice; whenever you have a question, no matter how stupid it is, he/she will answer it for you very very patiently.Maybe US students are often this stupid and they get used to it~haha. First week here involve a lot of paperwork, signing things, and getting used to life here, such as how to go to supermarker and buy staff, how to get online and doing businesses, where to eat Chinese food.... I really miss it 5555...

Academic environment: Ann Arbor is really a quiet & safe town. Living here you can enjoy the blue & green as much as you want. Looking through the window of my boss's office, you can see clouds extending to the faraway, making you think about eternity & truth. Seeing my mentors and colleagues of my lab, including my boss, they are all very nice and easy-going. The most important, it seems they do not push.:) My boss gave me an excellent though brief introduction to his research at present, I think it's interesting, and hope to make more breakthroughs and learn more abilities. Furthermore, the graduate library is great.It opens until midnight,hehe.

Trip to Detroit: today we went to detroit. you can see skyscrappers there, like General Motors. It's quite amazing. Also the river and Canada across it.Beautiful bell island and interesting HOU's house. Really thank all the drivers today and two pizzas. And of course, the dear dumplings.

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  1. Wow, what a fun post. I cracked up at the thought that American students are so stupid that we're all used to those questions! :) :) :) (It might be true!) But really, as they say, "there is no such thing as a stupid question!" :)

    Did you have dumplings in Detroit?

    My favorite Chinese restaurant in Ann Arbor: